Tea Range

Our award winning tea is a range of whole leaf, hand crafted moringa leaf tea blends. Packed with anti-oxidants, calcium, protein, vitamin and minerals, our teas offer a natural lift without caffeine. (Some of our customers find the natural energy life of moringa quite strong, and so tend to avoid drinking moringa tea in the evenings. Each person is different, so please try it out and see what works for you).

Moringa Original – unblended whole moringa leaves. Moringa has a mild, slightly smoky taste. Available in teabag or loose leaf format. Our teabags are hand crafted and the bags are unbleached and sewn with organic cotton.

Delicious Blends - These are currently available in loose leaf format. Tea bagged formats can be provided by arrangement.

Lemongrass – Refreshing and a delicious pick-me-up.

Hibiscus & Cinnamon – Stimulate your senses with this tangy, fragrant blend.

Peppermint – Sizzling and full bodied, enjoy throughout the day.

Camomile – Calming, take late afternoon as you begin to wind down.

Ginger & Cloves – Warming and delicious. Works well in iced tea too.

Elderflowers – Delicious for the summer. Great for iced tea too.

Rose – Gently fragranced relaxing tea.

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