MOR Sprinkles™ Range

(Prounced MORE Sprinkles)

MOR Sprinkles™ are a delicious blend of moringa with apples and sunflower seeds, providing a powerful nutritional boost. It is great over breakfast, or a power boost to snacks and other meals. Our Sprinkles are packed with protein, calcium, Omega-3, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals. With tons of fibre, MOR Sprinkles™ are great for digestive health too. Add to your meals throughout the day. 2 tablespoons provide one of your 5-a-day.

Our current Sprinkles range

Original Blend

Made with moringa, apples, sunflower seeds and cinnamon, this apple and cinnamon topping is crunchy, delicious and MOR -ish.


Made with moringa, apples, sunflower seeds and ginger. This Sprinkles mix is crunchy with an extra kick.


For smooth operators who prefer the full original apple and cinnamon taste, straight up, no crunch.

We are proud to introduce MOR.Chia. All the goodness of moringa plus the benefits of Chia seeds.

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