Artisan and Ethical

We are a young, passionate ethical company. There are three passions that stirred us up to start on our Morynga Moringa adventure.

We think nature has given us some amazing (super)foods and we believe that there is no need to spoil such goodness with sugar, additives or preservatives.

What you will find in all our products


Our second passion – well you can call it an obsession; we are simply bonkers about Moringa! Obsessed with the leaves. You will find them in ALL of our products.

The objects of our affection!

Why the Obsession with Moringa Leaves?

Scientifically, Moringa has been shown to be one of the most nutrient dense plants. around – and a lot of that nutrient density is in its leaves.

There is a large and growing scientific evidence that confirms what an amazing source of nutrition the moringa leaf is.

Moringa Trees grow in tropical countries and this ties into our third passion; which is to engage with our suppliers in developing countries fairly, so that we all make a decent living. We are currently building relationships with farmers in Asia and Africa and we will share developments on this exciting journey with you.